Neonatal Vitamin D status and the risk of neonatal sepsis

Vitamin D status and neonatal sepsis

  • Abdurrahman Avar Ozdemir Biruni University
  • Yakup Cag
Keywords: Vitamin D, Sepsis, Neonate


Objective: To evaluate the maternal and neonatal 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] levels and the effect of 25(OH)D levels on the development of neonatal sepsis.

Methods: This prospective study was performed in the neonatal intensive care unit of Medicine Hospital/Biruni University between November 2017 and September 2018. Fifty one term infants with sepsis group and 56 term infants with control group were included in this study. Blood samples for whole blood count, CRP, Ca, P, ALP, 25(OH)D and culture were obtained from all neonates.

Results: Mean vitamin D levels for the neonates and their mothers were found to be 12.4±8.5 ng/ml and 13±8.7 ng/ml, respectively. There was a significant correlation between maternal and newborn 25(OH)D levels (r=0.72, p<0.01). The number of the newborns with vitamin D deficiency was significantly higher in the sepsis group (n=31, 60.8%) than in the control group (n=30, 53.6%; p=0.00), corresponding to significantly lower levels of vitamin D in the sepsis group (11±5.5 ng/ml vs. 13.8±10.6 ng/ml; p=0.012). Similarly, maternal vitamin D levels was significantly lower in the sepsis group than in the control group (10.8±5.6 ng/ml vs. 14.9±10 ng/ml; p=0.001).

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that there may be an association between vitamin D deficiency and neonatal sepsis.

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