The effect of emotional labor and impression management on burnout: Example of Family Physicians

  • Aysegul Ozer Yigit
  • Ferda Alper Ay 2018
Keywords: Emotional Labor, Burnout, Impression Management, Family physicinas


Objective: Although burnout is seen as a personal problem, it has a negative effect on effectiveness of the organization. The positive interaction of the physicians with the patients and their relatives increases the service quality. In this study, it was aimed to determine the effects of the family physicians’ use of emotional labor and impression management on burnout.

Methods: A total of 82 questionnaires were distributed to all family physicians who work in the family health centers of the Public Health Directorate in Sivas province. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis.

Results: According to the findings, the level of burnout of family physicians was low and there was a significant relationship between impression management tactics and emotional labor behavior. Impression management and emotional labor behaviors had no significant effect on burnout.

Conclusion: Use of physicians’ emotional labor and impression management tactics, do not have an impact on their burnout levels and it helps improve physician-patient interaction.


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