Malposition of hemodialysis catheter into the hepatic veins

  • Sibel Yucel Kocak University of Health Science Bakırkoy Dr.Sadi Konuk Educational and Research Hospital,Department of Nephrology, Istanbul.
  • Ceren Gumusel
Keywords: Malposition, Dialysis catheter, Hepatic vein


Permanent central vein catheter for hemodialysis is a choice for hemodialysis vascular access. Permanent dialysis catheters may be inserted through the jugular, subclavian and femoral veins. It may be inserted when the patient have short life expectancy or not suitable for fistula operation. There may be so many complications for example malposition, hemorrhage and pneumothorax while inserting central venous catheter. Here we present a 44 year old female hemodialysis patient with a malpositioned permanent hemodialysis catheter, catheter tip was found in hepatic vein after three months of insertion.

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