Effect of sitagliptin and glimepiride on C-reactive protein (CRP) in overweight Type-2 diabetic patients

Effect of Sitagliptin on C-reactive protein (CRP) in type 2 diabetic patients

  • Mazhar Hussain
  • Muhammad Aamir Rafique
  • Javed Iqbal
  • Lubna Akhtar
Keywords: Type-2 Diabetes, Sitagliptin, Glimepiride, Glycemic index, Lipid profile, C-reactive protein


Objectives: To compare the anti-inflammatory effect of sitagliptin and glimepiride by measuring CRP in overweight Type-2 diabetic patients.

Methods: This clinical trial was conducted at diabetic clinic of Islam Central Hospital, Sialkot over a period of six months from June to November 2017. A total of 110 overweight Type-2 diabetic patients were divided in to two groups. Group-A was given tablet sitagliptin 50mg while Group-B was given tablet glimepiride 2mg for a period of 12 weeks. The dose was titrated according to blood sugar level. The primary outcome was measuring changes in CRP while secondary outcomes was changes in BMI, blood sugar, HbA1C, lipid profile and CRP from baseline in both study group using SPSS 16.

Results: After 12 weeks treatment, body weight increased in glimepiride but slightly reduced in sitagliptin, however comparison between them was non significant (p=0.07). Although both groups reduced blood sugar and HbA1c but comparison between them was non significant (p=0.59 and p=0.17 respectively) value. However lipid profile improved significantly in sitagliptin vs. glimepiride group i.e total cholesterol (-25±32.5 vs +1.5±45.4 P=0.02) triglycerides (-19±44.6 vs-1.8±48.7 P=0.001) LDL- cholesterol (-10±22.4 vs-0.8±18.7 P=0.001) HDL-cholesterol (-2.6±6.2 vs 1.2±5.2 P=0.03).Sitagliptin significantly reduced CRP in comparison to glimepiride (-2.3±1.8 vs0.8±1.5 P=0.001).

Conclusion: Sitagliptin has strong anti inflammatory effect marked by reduction in CRP level in comparison to glimepiride in overweight type-2 diabetic patients. It also exerted beneficial effect on glycemic and lipid profiles.

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Hussain M, Rafique MA, Iqbal J, Akhtar L. Effect of sitagliptin and glimepiride on C-reactive protein (CRP) in overweight Type-2 diabetic patients. Pak J Med Sci. 2019;35(2):383-387. doi: https://doi.org/10.12669/pjms.35.2.645

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