Analysis of the expression of D-dimer, CD147 and miR203 and their correlation in gastric cancer

Gastric Cancer

  • Xiguo Wu
  • Xiuzhen Liu
Keywords: CD147, D-dimer, Gastric cancer, miR203


Objectives: To evaluate the relationship of D-dimer, CD147 and miR-203, and detect the influence of these biomarkers on the pathological characteristics in patients with gastric cancer.

Methods: The patients with gastric cancer treated using radical gastrectomy between May 2013 and October 2017 were reviewed retrospectively. The expression of D-dimer, miR203 and CD147 was measured for all the patients, and the clinical data including age, gender, tumor size, tumor differentiation, invasion depth, lymphatic metastasis, TMN stage, and pathological type were retrieved and analyzed. The study was carried out in affiliated Yidu Central Hospital of Weifang Medical College, Qingzhou, China.

Results: Two hundred sixty patients with gastric cancer were included. The patients with tumor metastasis, larger tumor diameter, lower differentiation, lymphatic metastasis, deeper invasion, and higher TMN stage presented with a significantly higher D-dimer and CD 147 expression, but the level of the two biomarkers didn’t show a significant difference in patients with different pathological type, gender and age. Compared with CD147 and D-dimer, miR203 presented with different characteristics of expression. In addition, the expression of miR203 was negatively correlated with CD147 and D-dimer, and there was a positive correlation between CD147 and D-dimer in patients with gastric cancer.

Conclusion: In this study, a close correlation of D-dimer, miR203 and CD147 was found, and these three biomarkers should be screened in gastric cancer patients.

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