Efficacy of probiotic in perennial allergic rhinitis under five year children: A randomized controlled trial

Probiotic in children with allergic rhinitis

  • Mubashir Ahmed Kharadar General Hospital
  • Abdul Gaffar billoo Kharadar General Hospital
  • Khalid Iqbal Kharadar General Hospital
Keywords: Probiotic, Perennial, Allergic Rhinitis, Rhinoria, Cetirizine


Objective: To determine the efficacy of probiotic (Lactobacillus Paracasei, LP-33) and compare it with cetirizine for the treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis in under five year’s children.

Methods: The randomised clinical trial was conducted at Kharadar General Hospital, Karachi, from Dec 2016 to Nov 2017. Children aged 6 to 60 months, clinically presented with allergic rhinitis were included in the study. Total 212 children, randomized into intervention group A (received probiotic LP-33) and control group B (received cetirizine) for six weeks, were included in the analysis. Baseline allergic rhinitis symptoms (rhinorrhea, sneezing, nasal blocking, coughing, feeding & sleeping difficulties) were assessed after two and six weeks follow up and correlated both groups by using Pearson chi-square test. A p value of <0.05 were considered statistically significant.

Results: Total 212 children were analysed, out of them 113 (53.3%) were male. Mean age of study participant was 26 ± 16.64 months and mean body weight was 10.1 ± 3.26 Kg. More than 95% cases have shown significant improvement in their baseline symptoms (rhinorrhea, sneezing, nasal blocking, coughing, feeding difficulties and sleeping difficulties) in both intervention (L-33 Probiotic) and control (Cetirizine) groups. Statistically there was no difference in effectiveness of probiotic and cetirizine treatment for perennial allergic rhinitis (P > 0.05).

Conclusions: Probiotic (LP-33) was equally effective as cetirizine in under five year’s children for the treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis. Probiotic has additional benefit to treat allergic rhinitis without causing any major side effect in children reported by the study.

doi: https://doi.org/10.12669/pjms.35.6.744

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Ahmed M, Billoo AG, Iqbal K. Efficacy of probiotic in perennial allergic rhinitis under five year children: A randomized controlled trial. Pak J Med Sci. 2019;35(6):1538-1543. doi: https://doi.org/10.12669/pjms.35.6.744

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Author Biographies

Abdul Gaffar billoo, Kharadar General Hospital

Dr Abdul Garrar Billoo works as a paediatric consultant. 

Khalid Iqbal, Kharadar General Hospital

Dr Khalid Iqbal is a consultant paediatrician at Kharadar General Hospital, Karachi

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