Medical Education in Iraq: The cradle of Civilisation

Medical Education in Iraq

  • Shabih H Zaidi
  • Ali Abutiheen
Keywords: Medical Education, Arab World, Arab Health Boards


Medical education is in a state of flux in Iraq. What used to be the best physicians and surgeons in the Arab world have fallen down to much lower status due to deliberate neglect and punishment of the intellectuals and professionals by the previous authorities. Once again medical educators and health professional are gaining momentum, gathering national and international support, to enter the contemporary world of medical education employing an integrated curriculum, PBL and Problem Solving Methods, Skill labs, simulation and structuring etc. Much needs to be done to return to formal glory but Iraqis are a dynamic nation of determined, dedicated and committed people. It is up to the international community to join hands with the Medics International to expedite the process. One such effort was the medical education conference held on 15-16 September 2018 with large input from medical educationists from Pakistan.


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