• Peer Review (for Authors)



    Note: We have reviewers from various countries in our reviewer’s database. We practice Open Peer Review system but at times it is difficult for the reviewers to comment on a manuscript since they do not know the local requirements of the regulatory bodies besides their medical education and health services system. Hence it is essential that at least one of the reviewers of the manuscript must be from that country.  As such the authors submitting their manuscripts to Pak J Med Sci are requested to suggest at least two to three potential reviewers for their study. The Editorial Team might select any one of them for the review alongwith other reviewers from the journal database. However, please note that, only those should be suggested as reviewers who are willing to review, have worked in that area. Their comments will be reviewed by the Editorial Committee before taking any final decision. Do send us their name and e mail address and do not forget to mention your submission reference number - Chief Editor

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