Seasonal influenza vaccine awareness and factors affecting vaccination in Turkish Society

Keywords: Family medicine, General practice, Immunization, Seasonal influenza, Vaccine


Objective: Influenza vaccine reduces the burden of seasonal influenza and related complications. Potential vaccination barriers need to be identified to raise awareness and increase acceptance. We aimed to investigate the rates of seasonal influenza vaccination and the knowledge, opinions, and behaviours prevalent in Turkish society.

Methods: The study among seven regions in Turkey was conducted from October-November 2018 in 28 family health centres, using a cross-sectional, descriptive design. The knowledge, opinions, and behaviours of participants regarding the influenza vaccine were obtained by family physicians through face-to-face interviews with participants.

Results: A total of 3,492 people aged 10-97 years age range (median: 50 years) were included in the study. Over half of the participants (59.9%, n = 2093) were female. It was found that the percentage of participants who never received the influenza vaccine was 78.4%; only 13.4% were occasionally vaccinated, and 8.1% received regular annual vaccination. Influenza vaccination rates were higher in married people (p < 0.001), women (p = 0.005), patients with chronic lung and cardiovascular disease (p < 0.001), those over 65 years /nursing home residents (p < 0.001). Awareness of the vaccine’s benefit was higher in the group at high risk of influenza (p < 0.001).

Conclusion: The rate of regular vaccination against influenza every year was insufficient, at 8.1%. Individuals’ insensitivity, insufficient knowledge, and attitudes toward influenza vaccination is a serious health problem for Turkish society. Barriers to influenza vaccination can be reduced by good communication between family physicians and their patients.


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