COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and its drivers among Pakistani population

  • Khalid Rehman Institute of Public Health & Social Sciences. Khyber Medical University. Peshawar
  • Mr. Nauman
  • Muhammad Jawad
  • Ali Muhammad
Keywords: COVID-19, Vaccination, acceptance, hesitancy, Pakistan


Background & Objective: COVID-19 vaccine has become available within a record time but mere availability will not control the pandemic. High vaccine acceptance is required. The objective was to determine COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and its associated factors among Pakistani population.

Methods: An online survey using google form, was conducted from January 31st to February 9th, 2021 before the start of the mass vaccination in Pakistan. The questionnaire had questions about demographics plus vaccine hesitancy. We received a total of 1156 responses. Data was analyzed using STATA version 14. We employed descriptive statistics and chi square test.

Results: A total of 1156 responses were received. 65% were male and 35% female. Only 6% were uneducated. Thirty percent had tested positive for COVID-19 earlier. Forty-six percent of the respondents would take (acceptance) a vaccine if available. Forty-eight percent and 45% were confident in using USA/UK and Chinese vaccine respectively. Gender and marital status was statistically significantly associated with vaccine acceptance. Concerns about the side effects were 55% while for efficacy it was 69%. Twenty-three percent were concerned about the permissibility of the vaccine on religious grounds.

Conclusion: Gender and marital status was significantly associated with vaccine acceptance. Forty-six percent respondents were willing to take the vaccine. Among the vaccine hesitant group, respondents were worried about the side effects, safety and religious permissibility of vaccine. Policy makers and all the relevant stakeholders should consider low vaccine acceptance as a major bottleneck and should devise strategies to address this major issue in the fight against COVID-19.


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