Exploring areas of improvement in postnatal care services in a tertiary care hospital in Lahore

  • Atiya Mahmood KEMU
  • Amna Zia Eusaph
  • Ayesha Javed
  • Arooj Muzaffar
Keywords: post-natal care, maternal health improvement, Quality of healthcare, Puerperium improvement, Obstetric care in Pakistan, Postnatal care quality


Background and Objective: Poor postnatal care can increase morbidity and mortality. This study assessed the current deficiencies in quality of postnatal care provided to mothers in Lady Aitchison hospital, Lahore when compared to WHO standards and identifies the areas for quality improvement.

Methods: It is a descriptive cross-sectional study which employs quantitative method to collect and analyze the data. It was conducted to include ninety-six maternities attending the wards of Lady Aitchison Hospital, Lahore during January 2022 to February 2022. Consenting post-partum mothers were selected by random sampling and interviewed by using a structured proforma.

Results: Among 96 mothers, 56% were below 25 years of age, 39% had secondary education, with more than one child (71%) and 57% visited for the first time. Majority of mothers, were given medicine timely (82%) and found the attitude (85%) and information (83%) provided by the healthcare workers helpful. Their subjective satisfaction rate with staff was 90%. The main areas of concern were lack of proper examination guidelines and facilities, limited information to mothers regarding neonatal care and substandard interior of hospitals. The statistics on the detailed maternal and neonatal examination showed that it was left out in 30% to 50% patients. Information regarding the danger signs of mothers and neonates was not given in 69% and information on family planning was provided to only 28%. Contentment with the infrastructure of the hospital was subpar and it was suggested that the sanitary conditions of washrooms and the paraphernalia of the wards i.e., ACs and beds needed improvement.

Conclusions: This study suggests that in developing countries like Pakistan, majority of the patients were satisfied by the services of healthcare workers. The prime improvement area is the infra-structure of the hospital which can be upgraded to provide better quality facilities in terms of air-conditioning, washrooms and well-designed areas for extensive examination of breast, pelvis, abdomen and neonates. There is also need for introduction of standard guidelines for postnatal care.

doi: https://doi.org/10.12669/pjms.39.3.6780

How to cite this: Mahmood A, Eusaph AZ, Javed A, Muzaffar A. Exploring areas of improvement in postnatal care services in a tertiary care hospital in Lahore. Pak J Med Sci. 2023;39(3):732-736. doi: https://doi.org/10.12669/pjms.39.3.6780

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